Album - MONO 


Floating above a sparse and alien landscape the observer can only do that which they are intended to do. Observe. We see a panoramic photo of a beautifully sparse glacial scene. All sense of time and space would be lost in the eternal white if not for the soft streaks of grey that subtly allude to a physical presence, and imply the existence of metaphysical musings.

It is in this vast space that we most search for something human. Amidst the immense beauty of the natural world, it is the face of a loved one that we search for most. There is a sense that we can traverse this new world as long as we have the soft voice of a mentor to guide us.

This seraph’s song envelops us with a sense so cold it burns. It is in this perpetual state of shock we continue to search for meaning. As our consciousness beckons us forward, the subtlety of this barren landscape begins to come into focus. Yet even through the eyes of enlightenment there is little to see, and less to understand.   

Intuition guides us forward, and suddenly all is lost. The white has become black, and a sense of static in the air reminds us of the grey streaks of a world long past. Riding along the short wave of the infinite we begin to realize that there was never anything to begin with. We created the light, the dark, and every shade of grey in between. It is only through this understanding of ourselves that we can begin to float onward, and begin again.

- Danny Davenport


"Instead of lingering on one sound, I, Us, & We, explore different facets of their jeweled dream pop." - "The Deli Magazine LA (Artist of the Month) - The Deli Magazine 

"This is a great dream pop track, it’s got all the swirly, burbling synths, wounded lyrics and pristine production you’d expect." - Fresh on the Net (BBC)

...touts a richly intoxicating atmosphere reminiscent of both lushly entrancing R&B-pop in the vein of James Blake and The Weeknd, in addition to glistening electro-pop with memorably spacious soundscapes..." - Obscure Sound 

"...seductive R&B pop is slick and engulfing, dreamy and pensive." - I Heart Moosiq 

"New California dream-pop outfit I, Us, & We have made a bold initial step forward partnering their distinct visual style with their ethereal sound." - Speak Into My Good Eye

Radio Play

I, Us, & We has received radio play from BBC6 (UK),Indie 103 (USA), 8Radio (Ireland), EGH Radio (UK), Radio Mercurio (Mexico, Columbia, Spain), King FM (Germany), KWSS 93.9 FM (Phoenix), 107.5 andHow FM (New Zealand/Sydney), RockXS (Athens), Mersey Radio (Liverpool), ICR 105.7FM (UK), Radio Kaos Caribou (France), Retroactivity Radio (Brazil), Romanian Rock Radio (Brasov), and many, more. 

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